Border to Border

After ending day 7 on the border of Washington and Idaho, day 8 was spent going from border to border (and getting separated once or t. We stayed two nights in Sandpoint and can confidently say that will not be our last time back there. The people, views, and weather were all so great, and we were able to get in a radio and newspaper interview (which you can view on our Press page). Day 9 started off at the border of Idaho and Montana, and we’ve finished the day in Libby, MT. Over the past three days the brothers have biked nearly 200 miles and are definitely getting in the groove of things.

After the long days on the road we love going to a local restaurant, having some drinks, eating all the calories they’ve burned off (around 5,500 a day), and recapping the ride:

Stay tuned for more pictures, videos, GoPros, and drone shots!


  1. Now you are finally over the hills .. !! It be be smooth sailing from here on in! LOL

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