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A Child’s Hope

A Child’s Hope is committed to creating a home for lost and abandoned children in Haiti. With a Christian foundation, the focus will be on education and the physical and mental well-being of each child. Our ultimate goal is for these children of Hope to grow and mature to become productive leaders in the Haitian Society.

As founders of “A Child’s Hope,” we want to join with Haitian partners who share a common Christian vision to aid Haiti in its rebuilding efforts. Our chosen path is to work with Haiti’s orphaned, abandoned and lost children–an underserved and decidedly underprivileged group. We believe in strong family values that have the children’s best physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual interest at heart.

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Moss Pieratt Foundation

A little more than a year after the death of John “Moss” Pieratt, Jr., the Pieratt and Jenkins Families (Moss’s parents and grandparents) jointly decided to start a foundation that would

  • honor the cherished life of Moss,
  • raise funds and awareness to find a cause or cure for the sudden unexplained death in children over the age of 12 months (“SUDC”) and

To that end, the Moss Pieratt Foundation was formed in July of 2015. The mission of the foundation is to fund research and promote awareness regarding the sudden unexplained death of children over the age of 12 months. Tax-deductible donations enable us to help the SUDC Foundation be a family’s answer when there’s no explanation.

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