Past the Passes

Today was a big (and our first) milestone on the trip, the boys biked over their last and highest pass, Sherman Pass, that was an elevation of over 5.5K ft! After a homemade breakfast by Kathy at K Diamond K Guest Ranch, we started the day in Republic and they were off to the races, climbing about 17 miles straight up (and steep). But as the saying goes, what goes up must come down, and it was true today! After the climb, they had roughly 10 miles of steep, straight downhill on windy roads before it was flat. We had lunch at Sandys Drive-In in Kettle Falls before the last 10 miles into Colville, where Bobby discovered he had a flat. The driving duo headed into town to repair the tire and ended up spending over an hour shopping around, waiting for the boys, and hanging with the manager at Clarks All Sports. Ending the day in Colville, clocking in about 55 miles.

With this being the hardest and highest climb of the trip, Chels and Sandy knew they needed to be extra supportive today. Every time the boys passed them they were out of the car with doors open, pump up music blaring as loud as it would go, dancing and cheering them on. It was great motivation for the guys and helped keep the entertainment alive for the drivers!

After checking in to Benny’s Colville Inn, the brothers were able to soak in the hot tub for a little bit before heading to dinner at Acorn Saloon before 8PM lights out.



  1. Movie film Crews should be traveling with y’all. This story should be made into a movie about a beautiful Memorial to a precious little boy, whose short life has touched countless people.

  2. Sandy you’re doing a great job filming this trip. I know you’re having a wonderful time with these three wild and crazy guys, as Steve Martin would say. Be safe, love you all.

  3. Bobby, as a former resident of Bellevue, WA for almost 23 years I just loved listening to you and your brothers rave about the beauty of Washington State. And there are lots of gorgeous places that you’re not getting to see – on this trip anyway. We live in Austin now (well actually Point Venture)and we moved here to be closer to family after some serious health issues. But our hearts will always be in the Pacific Northwest.

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