Downhill the Cascades Video

Here’s a video from Thursday’s coast down the Cascades!


  1. Just one of many from Austin following you all with interest, envy and respect. Stay strong/be safe.

  2. perfect song for this journey……keep on keeping on guys, you’re doing great and great things are happening!

  3. Chelsea,

    Great job of documenting the fellas ride. Nice touch with the selection of the music! The video of the Cascades was gorgeous.

  4. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G what a thrill, and the view 😲 …proud of you Boss man, stay safe !

  5. You guys are amazing. This is a trip you will never forget. Stay safe and be blessed.

  6. This is absolutely breath taking for many reasons. I’m so proud to call the Jenkins my boss…be safe..God speed..

  7. Another person from Austin who’s following you. But we lived in Bellevue, Wa for almost 23 years – and you guys were really risking “black ice”. You scared me with this wild ride downhill!! Stay safe.

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