Video Recap in Republic

As sad as we were to leave Joe and friends at the Twisp River Suites, we were excited for the day ahead. Day 4 was pure sunshine and high 50’s at 8AM as we left Twisp and headed about 25 miles into Patros for the morning break. In Patros we stopped at the charming Sweet River Bakery for great coffees, cinnamon rolls, and sandwiches to-go for lunch later in the day. We mapped out the rest of the day ahead and Bobby was able to have a quick FaceTime with Madeline and Frances. The ride all morning and heading out of Patros was breathtaking with the rushing Methow River on one side and apple tree farms on another. Stopping on the side of the road for the sandwiches, the boys were able to get a much-needed break where they were able to lay out on their MPF yoga mats. After lunch they trecked on, ending the day in Riverside.

The day’s numbers finalized are: 70 miles, an average of 17 mph with a maximum speed of 34 mph, 82 degrees and they were peeling off their layers by noon.

Through extensive google searches in spotty cell service areas, the crew stumbled upon K Diamond K Ranch in Republic, where they will stay for 2 nights. After a tour and getting settled into their rooms, everyone earned their ribs dinner and helped heard the horses out of the barns where they can roam free in a field at night. We have an early morning (6AM!) to drive back to Riverside to start the uphill battle.. wish everyone luck!

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