Two Days in Twisp

Hitting the road early in the morning for day 2, the day started off with drizzle, clouds, and chilly weather. The three brothers climbed their way through the incredible scenery into the Cascade Mountains. Through the tough and humbling climbs, they climbed a total of 6,500 feet and averaged 12 mph speed, as 80% of their day was uphill. With the next town being over 70 miles from the day’s start, the brothers took a much-needed lunch break on the side of the road before getting back to the grind of the hills. To say it was hard is an understatement, but all three men kept their spirits high and kept grinding along up each incline. After 8 hours of biking and almost all the way up the Washington Pass, they stopped for the night, clocking in about 50 miles for the day. The crew drove to a nearby town and found a wonderful hotel in Twisp, Twisp River Suites, where they decided to stay two nights (thanks, Joe!). After a long day, they had margaritas and Mexican food at La Fonda Lopez before an early night in.

The next morning after an amazing homemade and hearty breakfast at Twisp River Suites, the crew went back to the marker from where they left off and started the day’s journey. Luckily, it was a lot better than the previous day. After about a 4 mile climb up the Washington Pass with snow all around, they sailed down the mountains and stopped for lunch at a general store in Mazama. As they got back on the bikes post lunch, it started to drizzle as they went through Winthrop, but made it through past Twisp and into Carlton where they stopped for the day – clocking in 60 miles for the day.

On the way back to the hotel, the brothers got to stop in and do a radio interview with Don on KROOT in Twisp, as well as take pictures for the Methow Valley News. After getting cleaned up, the team headed back to Winthrop where they had dinner at Duck Brand.


  1. Way to go Jenkins bothers. We are so proud of you here in San Antonio.

  2. Beautiful Scenery, sounds like a brutal 2nd Day. Well deserved Maragaritas LOL. Keep up the Great Work!

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