We’ve failed to come up with a reason to cheers at the end of each day, and today was definitely no different. With strong winds at their backs, the brothers rode 103 miles, and all by 2:30PM! This is the farthest the brothers have ever biked, beating their previous record of 101 on the last bike trip 8 years ago. The girls couldn’t believe how consistently fast they were riding – never really dipping below 25 mph (with a lot of stretches around 33 mph).

Luckily, these past two days have been wonderful and wind has been our friend! Although it’s still very much a “grind,” it is much easier to ride when they can really fly through the state. The breaks, however, have been staying stagnant. Pulling over on the side of the road, the scenery isn’t what it was in Washington and Montana. While the boys lay on the MPF yoga mats, drink Gatorade, and eat some peanut butter crackers, the girls are getting their steps in by walking up and down the highway.

We’ve been very lucky to have some great interviews in most towns we stay in. In North Dakota, we’ve been able to share our story with The Dickinson Press, KFYR in Bismark, and Jamestown Sun, as well as have our second Facebook Live event (scroll down and check it out here if you missed it)! We’ve continued to meet wonderful people who are interested in our story and the two charities, and give us donations – these kind people make each day that much more worth it.

Tomorrow we head out through Fargo and then will cross the border into Minnesota!


  1. Came across the story of your ride in Adventure Cycling Bike Bits! I’ve always wanted to do a cross country ride like yours, you’re doing an amazing job documenting it – I’m hooked! Very cool. I’m a fan!

  2. We just drove past you! Good luck, we hope you keep the strong tail winds!

  3. Amazing !!! 103 miles !!!!
    Following you daily and praying for a successful, safe ride and that many have the calling to donate.

    Mark Boyd

  4. Keep up the good work. What you guys are doing is awesome and inspiring!

  5. Such an inspiring journey and with results that will support children near and far. Thank you for all you are doing for MPF and A Child’s Hope! Go, guys, goooooooo! 🙂

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