Still Flat, but 1K Miles Down!

Well, not much has changed in the past few days. Inching our way east, we’re still in the flatlands of Montana. Tuesday the boys rode 70 miles, Wednesday they rode 60 miles, and Thursday they rode 70 miles. Although the land is flat the wind is strong – and not always at their backs; riding nearly 25 miles straight with the wind against them on Wednesday. We had a big milestone on Wednesday, we hit the 1,000-mile mark! Somewhere between Harve and Malta,  in the middle of nowhere, but it was uplifting and gave the boys a little extra energy to finish the day. Now just 2,500 miles to go!

Aches and pains are relatively minor for the boys, with no major accidents or any more flat tires. Sandy and Chels have been staying alert behind them by singing Broadway show tunes – you could hear “All That Jazz” playing (and the girls belting) from a mile away! The main event was seeing Wonder Woman on Tuesday night, which was a great break from the grind of the road. Everyone loved the movie, including Bobby!

After two nights in Havre and staying at AmericInn, we moved on to Malta where we spent one night. We were able to speak with the Havre Daily News and take some pictures, and hope to continue speaking with more radio stations and newspapers along the route. After Malta we are doing another two-nighter in Wolf Point as towns are getting few and far in between. The people continue to be friendly, very inquisitive, and supportive of what we are doing. We’ve noticed since the Glaciers, drivers on the road have been courteous and patient as they make wide passes around the bikers. Thank you Montana folks and drivers!

*as soon as there is a stronger connection to upload pictures to this site, we will! In the meantime, you can head over to our Facebook page for your daily fill of Brothers Bike*


  1. I know that the scripture of “His mercies are new every morning” has taken on new meaning for you guys since you know that without the Lord’s help you would not be able to do this! Every day brings new opportunity to walk or ride out the vision you were given to make this journey. Praying for strength, stamina, protection and the Lord’s blessings for you each day. I love you my family!

  2. God bless you on your adventure. I’m praying for y’all.

  3. 🚴🏻🥇🚴🏻🥇🚴🏻🥇 You guys are doing great!!! Have Chelsea buy y’all some Epsom salts and try soaking in that in the evening. . .really helps with soreness. Also try adding turmeric with black pepper to your green smoothies. . .good natural anti-inflammatory.

  4. What a challenge and inspiration it is to all of us who are watching the three of you do this with Chelsea AND your mum . Dedication , perseverance, strength , resolve purpose grit and shear toughness and then combine that with skill and smarts in the office that’s truly rare to find in one person , let alone all traits from the same family . Only a gift from god.

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