2 Weeks and Counting

Today marks the end of week 2, and day 14 was a rough one! Had a team breakfast and the bikers were on the road by 8AM. It was windy (at their backs at least), cold (55 degrees), and rainy. By the time we stopped for lunch in Chester just before 11AM, the boys rode 42 miles and were soaking wet! The afternoon cleared up and they had another day of mainly flatlands and good winds. They finished the day around 2:30 in Hingham, just 35 miles west of Harve – where we are staying for a “two nighter.”

We had our first Facebook Live event, and had a great turnout and good questions! If you missed it, you can check it out on our facebook page here.

Start of the day!

Gloomy morning

Lunch at Spud’s

Clearing up!


Cheers to day 14!


  1. Y’all look great! So proud of you!
    I find myself looking at my watch
    all through the day and imaging what
    You are doing and where you are. I
    feel relieved around 4:00 realizing you
    have completed that days ride. Look forward
    to talking to my sister each day.
    Love you

  2. Stay safe! Have fun while you are at! Wish I would had met you when you came through on HWY 56, but at least my niece did and was able to bring us the information!

  3. We cannot wait to see the picture at the finish line. We are praying for your safety and that you have a lot of fun on your ride.

    Best Regards,
    Mark Stewart

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